Diners demand convenience, and they are using technology to achieve near-instant gratification. Online ordering isn't a nice-to-have anymore. It's becoming a customer expectation and a restaurant industry standard. If your restaurant isn't capitalizing on this trend, it's equivalent to shutting a door in their face.


Go-N-Dutch, The mobile ordering and payment app for Las Vegas restaurants and bars coming soon Summer of 2019.

The new app allows users to do basic functions like search for restaurants, invite friends to a restaurant reservation, check-in, order, split and pay for their own bill. Our startup is focused on providing a new dining experience for patrons who like to eat out in large groups.


1 in 4 restaurant-goers say the availability of technology options factors into their decision to choose a restaurant.

American culture has become increasingly phone-call-averse, so naturally online reservation systems get more popular each year. This year, 52% of avid diners nationally say they make restaurant reservations via the Internet. The nation’s most tech-savvy diners are in Washington, DC (74%) and San Francisco (67%), followed by Chicago (63%) and Boston (63%). In Miami and Detroit, however, 44% of diners still use the good old-fashioned telephone to call and make reservations; 21% of diners in Portland, OR, say they don’t make restaurant reservations at all.

Meanwhile, the pesky task of paying your check is being simplified by technology as well. A slew of new apps like Cover and Cake are making paying your tab a breeze. But will diners embrace the trend? 59% of surveyors report that they have paid their bill via app or would do it. As for apps like Resy that let you pay for a hard-to-get table, most respondents were not on board: 71% said they wouldn’t pay for a reservation.

Other Restaurants chains, including Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Chilli’s and Panera Bread, have introduced kiosk-type ordering systems to compliment service staff. Dr. Waddoups says it’s a way for restaurants to appeal to new customers by using new technology, along with saving money.

In recent research the new tabletop kiosk is said to increase table turns by 30% and that’s with one per table so if everyone has their own personal device in their own hands than we can assume that Go-N-Dutch increases that number by more than double.



Acquiring a new customer is seven to ten times more expensive than marketing tactics that grow sales through higher visit frequencies, check amounts, and party sizes. – Site 11 Restaurant Resource Group Consulting

The key to customer loyalty in the age of online ordering is data. When you collect information about your customers such as their names, email addresses, and order histories, you get the insights you need to keep them coming back.
Armed with your own customer data, you can create personalized email marketing campaigns that leverage strategic offers like promo codes, new menu items, and special events in order to increase order sizes, turn new customers into loyal regulars, and bring in their friends.

With Go-N-Dutch you will have access to your own data unlike other third-party marketplaces such as Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Postmates just to name a few!

Approximately 15 billion minutes are wasted annually when guest wait for their check. Everyone one knows that time is money and wasted time creates frustrated guest.



”This is the way people will dine going forward.” - Mark Austin, CEO

Mobile Food Ordering Features
– Allow users to order from iPhone, iPad, Android.
– Payment integration with Stripe, PayPal/Braintree
– Customize the mobile food ordering system’s look and feel
– And much more…

How do restaurant customers benefit?
– Customers can book reservations from anywhere
– No waiting on hold, no standing in lines, no order mistakes as customers control the process from check in to check out.
– Restaurants can view order history which allows it to be stored in the system
– Customers can easily customize their orders
– Integration with Google Maps allows them to have driving directions
– Restaurants will have their own profile management
– Easy and fast promotions, including specials, coupons and discounts, rewards Dutch Bucks, information about locations, hours of operation, menus, nutritional info etc.

How do restaurant employees benefit?
– Employees no longer have to spend time on the phone
– With up-to-date online ordering solutions many tasks performed by staff are automated
– No need to handle money, payments are integrated inside the app
– Increased tips
– Improved customer service
– Alleviate stress on waitstaff
– No more wasted time splitting checks

Statistics supported by National Restaurant Association Survey:
-60% of adults 18 – 34 are more interested in home delivery than dining in the restaurant
– Half of the consumers said they would take advantage of a delivery service from their preferred restaurants if it were available
– 35% said they have or would order online from their favorite restaurant
– Nearly 20% of customers have already placed online orders and made online reservation
– Nearly 70% of operators regard online ordering as an up-and-coming order innovation
– Nearly 40% of customers say that they would like to receive an e-mail daily from their favorite local restaurant to know what the specials are for that day
– Nearly 20% of quick-service restaurants provide their clients with an online ordering option
– Most popular restaurant chains get about 25% of their orders through online and mobile ordering

How do restaurant owners benefit?
– More Orders
– More Money Spent Per Order
– More Repeat Customers
– Increase Restaurant Bottom Line
– Direct Return On Investment
– Social Media Platform
– Additional Advertising
– Direct Marketing
– Faster Table Turnover
– Advance Menu Options
– Customer Feedback
– Customer Data
– Secured Payments
– Automatic Split Checks
– Reduces Stress On Customer & Liabilities

The Go-N-Dutch app offers more value to your restaurant’s bottom line while adding a unique user experience like no other online mobile ordering platform out there. We will bring you, new customers, who are tech-savvy and who will be using our platform to share your food online with all of their Facebook friends which will be the cool new way to invite their friends out to eat without worrying about all of the common hassles that come with group dining.

Having our mobile application in your restaurant can streamline the ordering process. Aside from listing items and prices, having a mobile digital menu can include ingredients and nutritional info to help customers make an informed decisions. Perhaps the biggest benefit for your restaurant is having the ability to make changes quickly, allowing the restaurant owners and managers the ability to swap out featured items to upsell, delete or add any new food or beverages with ease especially when your restaurant is out of a particular dish. Unlike paper or poster menus, a restaurant doesn’t have to spend time or money whenever an update is needed.

Another advantage of having a mobile menu is that it will help reduce perceived wait times as well as keeping customers engaged while they wait.

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