The app idea started when the founder Mark Austin and the late John Coleman had a bad experience with splitting the check at a restaurant called Honey Salt in Las Vegas while dining out with 15 of their good friends 4 years ago.

In 2015, Mark & John began market research into their idea. There were a few new startups with similar concepts (Eats24, GrubHub, Ziosk, etc.), but nothing close to their vision.

Here at Go-N-Dutch, our company seeks to do exactly what the name suggests: encourage people to invite friends out to eat at the restaurant of their choice, book the reservation, check in, order, and split the check among friends using the application as well as use the pre-calculated tip feature at the end of the meal, completely taking potential mistakes of the waiter out of the equation. In addition, our users will be able to share their experience via the platform with their friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Our mission is to be the leading restaurant mobile payment application across all platforms, providing quality service, value, innovation, convenience and fun in the competitive restaurant industry. We will achieve this feat through combining the accessibility, functionality and intuitiveness of Yelp, the fun and socially interactive nature of Facebook with a state-of-the-art payment platform. Most importantly, at Go-N-Dutch, our unrivaled mission is to help our restaurant partners grow their businesses with access to new customers with ease.

Meet the team

Our Creative Minds

M Mark A. Austin II

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

K Kuntal Mehta

Chief Technology Officer

M Mikal A. Price

Chief Financial Officer