#1 What is Go-N-Dutch?
We at Go-N-Dutch are here to give you the best solution to some basic challenges when eating out with friends. We aim to be the leading restaurant mobile payment application across all platforms. As our name suggests, we encourage people to invite friends out to a restaurant of their choice, make a booking, check-in, order, and split the check amongst the party (including the tip) effortlessly and error-free. We also have many benefits and features that help restaurant owners receive booking and orders and manage them so they can increase revenue and save time.


#2 Why should I use Go-N-Dutch instead of just booking the old-fashioned way?
With Go-N-Dutch you have easy access to all the restaurants around you, so you can find what you need (on your own or with your friends), book a table, see the specials, and then once you’re there, you can enjoy your meal and split the bill effortlessly with your friends.

#3 What features do you offer for mobile ordering?
Finding the type of cuisine and ordering from a restaurant becomes a piece of cake with us at Go-N-Dutch. No more waiting in line or on the phone, no errors or delays. Just download the app on your phone, find the restaurant you are looking for, order for dine-in, and then either wait for delivery to the table or pick it up yourself. You can also choose your perfect reservation or pickup slot so your schedule doesn’t get disrupted and you enjoy your meal while it’s still fresh!

#4 How do I pay for my bill?
When you use Go-N-Dutch you and everyone in your party will automatically get a separate bill via your app on your phone (whether you order online or pay for your meal in a restaurant). This is an easy-to-use feature and takes only moments to do. The platform that we use for payments is Stripe and it’s very secure.

#5 How can I register on Go-N-Dutch?
We offer two very easy ways to register – either use your Facebook credentials or create your account on Go-N-Dutch by clicking on ‘Sign Up. Creating an account is easy, all we need from you is your name, email, and password.

#6 What additional benefits do I get from registering on Go-N-Dutch?
When you register with us you can have access to your order history for easy repeat orders next time you visit or pick up from one of your favorite restaurants. Also, you can be notified about promotions, receive coupons and discounts, and even benefit from the Dutch Bucks rewards for loyal customers. And this is all in addition to the standard benefits such as easy access to menus, opening hours, location, nutritional and ingredients information, and much more.

#7 How can I personalize my account to save time?
We realize that when you go out with friends, family, loved ones, and co-workers you want to focus on the experience and not on the boring details of the booking, splitting the check, or tipping. So with us, you can personalize your account by adding your profile picture, preferences, and your credit card details for easy access as well as add a default tip amount so you don’t have to spend time changing it.

#8 Can I easily find and invite my friends or other people with who I want to use the app?
Yes, if you register with Facebook, you can easily find your friends who are either using the Go-N-Dutch app already or whom you might want to invite to use it. You can also find other customers using it and invite them to socialize together on the app. You will receive notifications when your friend requests are accepted as well as when you receive friend requests from other users and invitations to bookings from them as well. You can disable or enable the notifications feature depending on your personal preferences.

#9 How do you guarantee the safety of my money if I give you my banking details?
We take all necessary precautions to protect you and your assets via encryption. Your bank account(s) details are safe when you use Go-N-Dutch as we encrypt all the information during the transactions and then keep it on certified secure payment servers. Thus only we can access this information as nobody else has the secure encryption key.

#10 How about the security of my Personal Data?
We are fully committed to protecting the privacy of your data that we have we have under our control. We use the latest techniques and methods to make sure our systems are protected against unauthorized intrusion. Find out more by reading our Privacy Policy.

#11 Do you share my data with anyone?
We will only share personal data we have on you with third parties either with your clear consent or under legal obligations in certain circumstances. You can find a detailed description in the section ‘How We Share Your Personal Information” in our Privacy Policy.

#12 How do you ensure the protection of my privacy?
Your privacy protection is crucial for us. All of the employees of Go-N-Dutch who are in any way associated with or have access to personal data undergo training and abide by very strict standards of data protection and privacy. However, no measures are 100% secure, especially over wireless/internet transmission so we have to keep in mind these limitations and can’t and don’t guarantee the absolute security of your data.


#13 I’m a restaurant owner, what’s in it for me?
We have researched in detail the ways we can help restaurant owners and their staff to become more efficient and to focus on the moments that matter with their customers rather than on mundane and repetitive tasks that don’t add value. Our platform and app will save you time and money by eliminating the need to do table order turnover, split checks, take orders online or on the phone, handling money, etc. Thus you can effortlessly increase the revenue generated from online ordering (statistics show that nearly 60% of 18-34-year-olds in the US prefer to have a home delivery than dining in a restaurant). Why not make the most out of it and increase your table turnover, get repeat orders and maximize the money spent per order.

#14 How do my employees benefit?
Your staff will be spending much less time on the phone and also doing boring, repetitive tasks such as splitting checks, handling payments, and taking orders for delivery, etc. Thus they can focus on serving your patrons in the best possible way, increasing both their workplace satisfaction as well as the revenue for your business. This will reduce errors with handling money and improve the customer experience too.

#15 What information can I add to my restaurant’s profile on Go-N-Dutch?
If you are a restaurant owner you can create and keep your profile up-to-date by managing the following information: the name, address, contact numbers, description, opening hours, up to ten photos, a map view of the exact location, cuisine type, menu, etc.

#16 How can Go-N-Dutch help me manage my bookings and table allocation?
If you are a restaurant owner you get a notification with the booking details, once the booking is made. You can view the list of all upcoming bookings in order of how recently they’ve been made. The list will give you information on customer name and picture, reservation date and time, duration, and the total number of guests in the party.

#17 I’m a restaurant owner – how do I receive payments from Go-N-Dutch users?
As a restaurant owner, you don’t have to worry about handling cash or card payments when you and your patrons use Go-N-Dutch. We have integrated with Stripe allowing simple and smooth payment processing. Thus we have completely reduced the risk of handling cash or cards by going cashless and contactless with mobile payments. We are also fully PCI (Payment Cards Industry) compliant.

#18 Can anyone use the application?
Yes, as long as you’re over the age of 18, have read our End User License Agreement, and have agreed to all of the conditions stipulated in it, you can use the application.